Mirrorless Day 2

I had originally planned on visiting the city today to test the camera, but after yesterday’s results thought it best to give another try locally. Woke up this morning to pouring rain but after checking my DarkSky app looked like it would clear up around 8am. Craziness of our weather here in the NE is the temp was 53 degrees, so with all the snow on the ground we had major fog. Drove into Port Jefferson, (I am running out of local towns that hold any hope of people), figured I’d try to catch some images of the ferry and whatever else I could find. Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny but very cold, I’ve already bought my LIRR tickets into Penn Station so I will be going 🙂 One of the major problems I am finding with the Fuji X-T3 is the battery life, it is awful! I’m am packing my Canon equipment as a backup, because I know the battery on the Fuji is going to die and I don’t want to waste a trip to city without some night light captures.

Early morning fog looking out onto the sound, not much to see other than these piers and a lone seagull

Park City Ferry coming in from the fog from CT
Park City Ferry with all cars disembarked and crew doing whatever it is they do before the next trip
I believe this is a red shouldered hawk hanging out in a tree by the harbor

Practicing capturing people in the right positions…it is very hard when there are no people 🙂

Reminded me of a Jay Maisel photo

I just love the contrast of the moss covered shingles, the small white window and the branches with red berries

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