Pisgah National Forest

Arrived home yesterday after a wonderful Photography workshop run by Richard Bernaby, shooting waterfalls in Pisgah National Forest in North Carolina. We visited 6 waterfalls and one was more beautiful the next!

Saturday morning at 5:15 we left the hotel and headed up Pisgah Hwy in hopes of capturing the sunrise, it quickly became obvious that would likely not happen. Driving on a single lane road with twisty turns in dense fog can be a bit harrowing 🙂 We reached our destination and as we had assumed there was not the beautiful sunrise we had hoped for, but when shooting landscapes one learns to adapt and make the most of the situation 🙂

A short break in the fog revealed a tiny view of the trees on the nearby mountain

Next stop was Lower Falls, don’t quote me but I think we hiked there from a spot on the Blue Ridge Parkway (I was following the leader so I did get turned around a few times). The lower falls was a 1/4 mile hike from the trail head, I will say this many times, but the trails and the whole area is so beautiful!

The rocks are slippery so one must be slow and careful when trying to get into position to shoot… water-shoes or boots are a definite advantage. Disclaimer, the 2nd photo in this series, while it was taken with my camera and I was the one that clicked the shutter, the composition was shown to us by Richard.

I still have many images to go through so expect a few more blogs about this beautiful area!

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