Walking around Lisbon

Lisbon is definitely a walking city…if you like hills! If not then you can take the tram up and walk down 🙂 There are endless unique side streets, which in NYC would be called alleys, but since cars and trams can maneuver them…they are streets. Shopping of all kinds both for locals and tourists, and you will never go hungry for all the choices of dining and cuisine. You can’t get lost, if you get confused, simply walk downhill and your will be at the water.

Infamous Tram 28

The following were taken in Alfama.

The Church in the background is the Panteao Nacional (National Pantheon)
We found this beautiful tiled terrace overlooking the Tagus River
Portico as you enter the Arco da Rua Augusta Plaza
Yes Life IS Good 🙂
You can see the arm of the gentleman in the window, with the green shade, feeding the pigeons.
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