Visit to Montauk

Friend of mine brought her kids to Montauk for the weekend to get out of the city and celebrate her daughters birthday…and invited me for a breakfast visit 🙂 Got up at 3:30 (I need 45 min to have my coffee and wake up) headed out at 4:30 for the 90 min ride. Headed straight for Camp Hero Park to watch the sunrise, by the way it was 33 degrees. I know spring is coming one of these day soon! Just a few photos to share…full disclosure they are ALL edited in some form or fashion. You’ve got some sunrise and some street photos. Hope you enjoy, I was cold but really enjoyed my morning! Happy Birthday Maliyah 🙂

Grabbed a quick shot before I headed down to the beach
Was trying to capture the waves crashing on the rocks but with my wide angle the lighting was tough. Need to do this again with my zoom!
Walking along Old Montauk Hwy overlooks, the ocean was beautiful!
On our way to breakfast had to grab a few “window” shots

I think these umbrellas at night would be very cool to see, they are suspended on LED lights.

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