Visit to the city

Haven’t been to NYC in a year, I think you all know why. Decided to go for a visit yesterday, probably not a great choice due to temps but hey it is winter in NY 🙂 Spent 3 hours at which point my fingers were so cold they actually hurt! I’m not sure what I had expected…streets were not empty but certainly not the amount of people I am used to. I had hoped to stay for some night shooting but couldn’t find a place to eat and warm up, the choices were eat outside in “enclosures” or take-out, neither one would help me warm up. So headed home much earlier than planned.

Times Square Loved all the red and had to pay that pigeon to pose perfectly 🙂
Apparently I was not the only one with cold hands!
Traffic light getting a little steam treatment
Practicing panning moving objects, obviously need more practice but still like the feeling of motion on this.

And what is a walk around NYC without a street performer
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