Port Jefferson

Got out for a few hours last week and walked through Port Jefferson with my new Fujifilm X-T4. I’ve been going back and forth for months now about switching over and finally took the leap. Sold all my canon equipment on EBay and bought most of the new on the same.

Fall has definitely arrived, both the cooler temps and all the pumpkins and orange decorations.

I do love shooting through windows, sometimes to catch both the inside and the reflections, sometime I put the lens up against the glass so there are no reflections. The following 4 images obviously have significant reflections. Each one appeals to me for a different reason, this first one requires you really look to see what is happening here…

Woman painting a very colorful piece, the window reflection can be very disturbing or add to the mystery of what is happening here.
The expression on this woman’s face reminds me of the days I would have to go through 300+ emails a day and just question the reason for most of them 🙂
Remote worker, phone, power, external drive, coffee, water and of course written notes.
Simply Good…she was reading a book and enjoying the peace and quiet of the shop
Hey really good advise

I have a personal project that I started awhile ago but it is WAY TOO EASY to find images…It drives me crazy that people are always looking at their phones, they walk the streets focused on the screen, the walk parks focused on the screen and I just love (NOT) the Mom’s with small babies that can’t take their eyes off their phones. People it can wait, whatever it is. Look around and enjoy the day, you can text and play games when you get home.

In closing today’s blog I am including an image of the next season 🙂 Was passing a parking log and spotted this tree with the ivy bush, just loved the textures and red of the berries

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