A Drive along the Atlantic Ocean

I’m not talking about the Hamptons, someplace so much more beautiful! Last you heard from me we had been rain soaked and cold up in the mountain at the palace in Sintra…as we descended the mountain the sun appeared along with beautiful blue sky’s and warm temperatures. We headed west towards Cabo Da Roca, the most western point in Europe.

The views of the ocean and the cliffs were breathtaking! I was so enthralled that I totally forget to take some video…the sounds of the waves crashing and the gulls squawking just can’t be captured in a single image.

There was of course a lighthouse, I do love lighthouses…oh hell, let’s face it I love anything to do with the ocean/beach 🙂

All of the Portugal lighthouses are so colorful! Yes I do love ours on Long Island but they are mostly black and white.
As we walked along the cliffs watching the water crash on the rocks we spotted this crazy cat sunbathing. If she falls asleep and makes a wrong turn she will drop pretty far down into the ocean!

Our next stop was Cascais, a wonderful little municipality and hometown of our friend and host Nando. We had a delicious lunch and then strolled along the waterfront and main street.

Cascais Lighthouse
Little boy being chased by the waves.
When Nando wins the lottery he says he will buy the house that is attached to this door! Wow it is very large and overlooks the water and harbor…and has a bunch of guest rooms!!! 🙂
Who doesn’t love windows with reflections of beautiful things.

What a wonderful afternoon driving along a small section of the Portugal southwest coast line.

Published by Judy Lindo

Hello. Nice to meet you, well virtually anyway. I love being outdoors whenever possible, I enjoy making photographs, be it a flower, a landscape or some street photography...it is my escape and my right brain nurturing. The purpose of this blog is to share with you moments I have enjoyed, places I have visited and images that I hope will bring a smile to your day. Feel free to comment, sign up for email notification of my posts or email me. Thank you for visiting

3 thoughts on “A Drive along the Atlantic Ocean

  1. Ah… I love this! This drive is my happy place… nothing beats the drive from Cabo da Roca down through the sand dunes in Guincho and then the charming little town of Cascais! Judy you captured it in a beautiful way!!! The weather in Sintra was bad, but look how gorgeous it was for this ride!

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