Greenport, Long Island NY

Visited Greenport last weekend with my Meetup Group and was lucky to have a beautiful day to walk through the town. The Cherry trees were in full blossom and the town is coming back to life with the arrival of spring!

Well since it was early, let’s start with breakfast at Crazy Beans. There is always a line to get in so I assume the food and service is probably really good! I am not a breakfast person, but maybe someday I will make it a point to stop in.

There are a few art galleries in town and stopped into Nova Constellatio Gallery because the images I could see through the door intrigued me. Beautiful oil paintings of seascapes, sunflowers, mermaids and also water colors of local fish. I do not take photos of others work, (you will have to visit to see them) but she was kind enough to sit at her workspace so I could snap a photo.

This is what grabbed my attention

Organized chaos…this is my favorite photo of the day.

The Village Blacksmith. In all the years I have been visiting this town this is the first time I found the shop open. Tom Barry is a very friendly guy, will answer any question you have and explains what he is doing as he works.

And what is walk through town without some images that just caught my eye…

Can’t have a blog without at least one photo of a dog….for my friend Becki 🙂

Just loved the colors and contrast
Great shop with albums (vinyl) for those that have turntables

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