NOFO Morning part II

Some photos from Saturday’s morning excursion out to the north fork that I didn’t include yesterday.

What’s a morning out without a fresh cup of coffee for the road…5:30am is too early for me to even think about breakfast, but Nick’s definitely has the best bacon, egg and cheese on a roll! Love our little local deli.

Speaking of breakfast, this guy carries his dad’s breakfast home for him!

The Orient Point ferry heads over to Connecticut every 90 minutes. Saves having to drive through the city should you be heading north to NewEngland.

Sad to see an iconic Greenport restaurant closed. Claudio’s has been a seafood restaurant since 1870, survived a lot of ups and downs but I guess the pandemic was the final straw.

I waited for someone to walk/run by wasn’t expecting the green sneakers!
This little cutie pie didn’t take her eyes off me…guess she was just surprised to see another person on the street.

Final image of the day before turning right to head home. I live in borderline suburbia – rural, leaning towards rural. Many farmlands an vineyards. I love the old abandoned barns/sheds with trees growing in them! šŸ™‚

Published by Judy Lindo

Hello. Nice to meet you, well virtually anyway. I love being outdoors whenever possible, I enjoy making photographs, be it a flower, a landscape or some street is my escape and my right brain nurturing. The purpose of this blog is to share with you moments I have enjoyed, places I have visited and images that I hope will bring a smile to your day. Feel free to comment, sign up for email notification of my posts or email me. Thank you for visiting

2 thoughts on “NOFO Morning part II

  1. Best time of the day, and well documented by your words and pictures. I’ve taken the ferry in the past, myself living in North Jersey, with ties to Rhode Island for my career, and one time decided to forgo the intense traffic through Connecticut, in favor of the serene, peaceful boat ride, (although that meant negotiating the city.) And sad to hear about Claudio’s. Quite a time ago, we stayed overnight in a Marina adjacent to that restaurant, while doing a circum L.I. trip from the Hudson, to the jersey shore in our then “new” boat. M šŸ™‚


    1. Wow nice trip from Hudson to NJ! Yes I miss the days of boating, the day local trips and the fun long ones up to Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard. I was shocked when I saw Claudio’s closed, even when Greeport was a “depressed” area the restaurant stayed open, so sad.


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