Portugal – Porto Part II

A few more photos and thoughts about Porto before moving on to Lisbon.

Let start with the coffee and pastries, obviously not specific to Porto but since that is where I got hooked… If anyone has been to Portgual or even watched a video on Portugal I am sure you are familiar with Pastel de Nata! It is the most delicious pastry I have ever tasted; it is a wonderful flaky pastry with a custard in the center baked to perfection. That and a cappuccino or meia de leite (coffee with milk) is the BEST midday treat imaginable.

Then there is the S. Bento train station, it is amazing. The walls are covered in painted blue tile showing scenes of Portugal life. Sadly I do not have a photo to share with you. I did take a video but I am apparently technically challenged and have been unable to upload it after 4 attempts :(. I’ll have to make due with the following few detail shots. There is, however, another option if you are a classical music fan and a fan of flash mobs, which I am. This is from 2018. You can get a great view of the interior of the train station as well as enjoy Ravel’s Bolero.

The very large clock as you enter the station
Full disclosure here…the trains in Portugal were on strike so these moving trains are my artistic interpretation of what the station would look like šŸ™‚
Another very cool clock, well image of a clock painted on tiles.

My last images from Porto were taken from Mosteiro da Serra do Pilar. It is the castle like structure on the Gaia side of the bridge overlooking all of Porto. We visited just before sunset in hopes of capturing some color but mother nature had other ideas. You can see from the view below, folks on the bridge, either crossing or also hoping for a pretty sunset.

I have to say that two days in Porto was not enough! I would recommend at least 3 but in my opinion 5 would be perfect.

Next up…the drive from Porto to Lisbon with 3 stops… Aveiro, Studio of Carlos Relvas and Obidos.

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2 thoughts on “Portugal – Porto Part II

  1. I was in Spain for 4 years serving in the US Air Force. I also saw the two islands off the coast of Spain. Beautiful country.


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