Personal Project Series Part II

Peconic Herb Farm

The Peconic Herb Farm is not your “typical” Farm, it is a very special nursery on 15 acres that provide Long Islanders with a unique experience. A chance to explore the environment, true to nature, and purchase flowers and herbs that are either natural to the area or will do well on LI soil. Besides plants they have multiple structures that house all kinds of things…clothing, gardening tools, seeds and I found 2 wonderful books that I can’t wait to sit and read.

As you can see one can spend a few hours exploring…which I did 🙂
Even broken clay pots can be art, and quite beautiful
The famous “SHED”
As with any farm there is always a chore to do. The recycle fallen limbs and use them for benches or yard art

Chris Spindler and her husband (Mike) and 2 sons (Luke and Seth) run the nursery. Everyone is very friendly and helpful. I will definitely be visiting quite often, not only to purchase but just walk the grounds that are beautiful by themselves and to top it off they are dog friendly anywhere on the grounds, just not in the structures.

Chris Spindler
There are benches all along the lake that you can sit and enjoy the surrounding. The morning I visited I watched a kingfisher fishing and a beaver swimming along the shore.

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