Sea Gooseberry, Sam and a Beautiful Day!

Wednesday was supposed to be beautiful and in the high 60’s so I headed out for my first day at the beach (south shore) for 2021. Yes I live walking distance to a “beach” but just to clarify when I say beach I am talking Atlantic Ocean, white soft sand and off road :). The beach I can walk to is on the LI Sound and while I am not complaining there is limited sand…it mostly rocks. Yes I did digress, getting back to my story… While it consistently stayed at 55 the sun was shining and it was beautiful, I pretty much had all of democrat point to myself.

I did my usual walking looking for shells and beach glass, watching the fishing boats and the gulls fish, basically all about relaxing.

Let me introduce you to Sam, yes I know cars are supposed to have female names but my Jeep’s name is Sam. Always wanted a Jeep and 4+ years ago finally got my ragtop, 6 speed, Wrangler. He and I have a lot of fun going off road. Yes that is Tweety bird on the tire cover…she is my idol 🙂

Sea Gooseberries…nope, never heard of them before yesterday. While walking the shore I came upon a roundish, jelly like thing…had no idea what it was and had never seen one before that I recall. It was really cool, it had sorda stripes and what appeared to be some small blob inside, I assumed it was an egg sac of something out there in the ocean. Did a little googling when I got home and this is what I found. Sea Gooseberry

I didn’t have my long lens with me so no birds shots, but here is one more image that I just thought was fun…bubbles in nature!

If you are interested, please click on the link for Democrat Point

. Barlett Blog did a wonderful job showing you the island and some of it’s history. I remember the horn when we went there as teenagers and as he said I continue to see such changes (mostly addition) to the end of this stretch of beach. It grows and changes every year.

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