SIP Flowers

I was inspired by Melanie Kern-Favilla to try a new technique. Found some black poster board and assembled a black box, nothing fancy just functional. I placed it near the glass door with plenty of natural light and played for hours. It takes practice to get just the right lighting and depth of field, but the results are rewarding.

You can use a tripod, but I found the playpod a lot easier to move around on the tabletop. Also you will need a remote shutter release as the exposures can be a few seconds.

I added a layer of texture to this one then jumped over to Topaz Impression to give it that painted look.

Even with an f 16 aperture, the dof is very narrow, I focus stacked this peace flower. Used 3 images, one focused where the flower meets the stem, one in the middle and then one exposure at the top of the flower and stacked them in PS.

I tried to straighten out the pedals but lost the battle, as it turns out I think they add to the image.

Published by Judy Lindo

Hello. Nice to meet you, well virtually anyway. I love being outdoors whenever possible, I enjoy making photographs, be it a flower, a landscape or some street is my escape and my right brain nurturing. The purpose of this blog is to share with you moments I have enjoyed, places I have visited and images that I hope will bring a smile to your day. Feel free to comment, sign up for email notification of my posts or email me. Thank you for visiting

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