The Birds of St. Kitts

I didn’t have a lot of luck finding some of the birds of St. Kitts that I was hoping to see, but I was able to capture a few.  There were 2 that hung out on our terrace, the Grey Kingbird and the Lesser Antillean Bullfinch…the bullfinch had no fear, in fact they would fly into our room through the open terrace doors.  By the second day I made sure I had some bread or fruit available for both, the bullfinch could almost be handfed, the Kingbird would swoop in grab the goodies and fly off to a nearby tree.

Lesser Antillean Bullfinch
Lesser Antillean Bullfinch

Grey Kingbird


Grey Kingbirds
Grey Kingbirds






















The one bird I REALLY wanted to find was the Magnificent Frigatebird…I saw plenty of Brown Pelicans down by the piers but no Frigatebirds.  We spend one morning deep sea fishing and finally was able to capture one flying overhead.  With only a 135 mm lens on the camera I doubted there would be any details, but I was pleased to discover I could actually see the blueish bill.  From afar these birds are easily recognizable by their triangular wings. The males sport a red pouch used to attract the females, this one appears to be a juvenile.Magnificent Frigetbird

Magnificent Frigatebird


One would normally expect to see the Ruddy Turnstone on the beach, however there were many of them wandering the grounds of the hotel and hanging out by the pool along with Cattle Egrets.

Ruddy Turnstone
Ruddy Turnstone – juvenile








The Bananaquit has alot to say and sings it very loudly 🙂  Very small and elusive, I chased this one from tree to tree for about 15 minutes before I was able to capture this rather out of focus image, but was happy to capture this colorful little guy.















The Zenaida Dove is as common as the Mourning Dove by our house.  When the sun catches them just right that blue/purple patch just glistens!Zenaida Dove

Zenaida Dove

Lastly, during a hike through the rainforest spotted this Green Throated Carib, with little light available through the trees was not able to capture the beautiful colors.Green Throated Carib Green Throated Carib 2

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6 thoughts on “The Birds of St. Kitts

  1. Ay Carumba! I love what you shot, you really did very well, I think. My favorite is the first bird, when I clicked on it I was shocked at how pretty it was, LOTS of details too, I really like that shot a lot! The Frigate doesn’t look like much until you click on it, then it becomes alive, there is a lot of detail in it, I was again surprised, I felt like it was right in front of me. 🙂 The Bananaquit is really a colorful bird, you’ll just have to go back and shoot them again next time, maybe then they will allow you to get closer. heheh
    You really got a GREAT shot of the Green Throated Carib, I have not even heard of this one, but you caught its essence, I also love the background bokeh, it looks like dripping glass! 🙂
    You really outdid yourself, especially for someone that was drunk the entire time! (I kid, probably more)
    Honest though, I am impressed, if your trip was half as fun as these shots, then y’all had a REALLY GOOD TIME! 🙂


    1. Thanks Randy, I guess I did manage to get some a decent selection 🙂 Most of them were shot in the morning so hadn’t hit the tropical drinks yet LOL!


  2. loved the bird captures and will resist having a favourite! knowing more about them with your narrative made these wonderful portraits come alive


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