James V. Antizzo, Part III

Jim Antizzo was born to immigrant parents and grew up in Brooklyn NY. He had two brothers, Jack and Joseph and one sister Annette. He spent his Army career as a sergeant in Camp Patrick Henry, Virginia. He was the camps official photographer. FullSize-19
He worked in a studio in NYC where he provided models with portfolio shots. I do not know how he ended up working as a staff photographer at Idlewild Airport for TWA?? He loved to pose shots…straight on stagnant stuff was not his style (as you may have noticed in Part II of this series) He always had a story to tell about the celeb’s and dignitaries he’d met, he didn’t like most of them! His favorite was Lucille Ball, he said she was full of life and would always go along with whatever crazy idea he had for a shot!


Charlston Heston


Charlton Heston

This is Walter Cronkite and Robert Moses overlooking a model of what appears to be Queens NY.

Robert Moses and Walter Cronkite overlooking plans for Queens

Casey Stengel

Casey Stangel

Sophia Loren

Sophia Loren

Queen Elizabeth’s visit to NY in 1957

Queen Elizabeth visit to NY in 1957

A rare color photo from Pope Paul VI visit to NY in 1965

Pope Paul VI

And this is one of my favorites from one of our vacations in Maine. He even took this one…timer on the camera 🙂
I’ve so enjoyed sharing a small glimpse into Jim’s life with you. I’m actually hoping others that knew him may find this blog and perhaps I can learn more 🙂 If nothing else, I can now find him on google.

Published by Judy Lindo

Hello. Nice to meet you, well virtually anyway. I love being outdoors whenever possible, I enjoy making photographs, be it a flower, a landscape or some street photography...it is my escape and my right brain nurturing. The purpose of this blog is to share with you moments I have enjoyed, places I have visited and images that I hope will bring a smile to your day. Feel free to comment, sign up for email notification of my posts or email me. Thank you for visiting

9 thoughts on “James V. Antizzo, Part III

      1. They both work 🙂 He loved the photography part, hated the celebrity part. I think he was happiest later in life when my kids were little ones, his greatest role was that of a “Pop Pop”


  1. Judy I think he worked for the Brass Rail in NY and also a lot of his photos were related to Pan American passengers so he may have worked for them too….I have some documents from the old days that he gave to me.
    Judy Antizzo Mancuso


  2. hi Judy jim was my uncle i am his brother Joes son. Spent a lot of time with Jim on long
    island when he lived in massapequa whenever he came to visit he always had his camer and took many pictures many of which i still have he always brought his coffee and pistachio ice cream.i enjoyed his company on many occasions as did my children Glenn Antizzo and lynn Antizzo he was a man of extroadinary kindness i remember you from long long ago and hope you are happy and healthy JOHN ANTIZZO


  3. Enjoyed these posts (and the recent ones from today (2/1/16.) What an interesting career your father had, and so much of your family’s highlights (real or made-up) preserved in the photos and newspaper articles. I spent a number of years affilated with NY newapapers and others from a technical aspect, and USA Today Production in Washington DC – and recall a photo of my young son in the immediate background of a sports highlight photo (spectacular catch by Yankee outfielder…) Picking up the Daily News at LaGuardia, and proudly showing the back page picture to my associates in Washington, was a moment. I can only imagine your family’s excitment with your “published” snapshots. As a comment for the above, I love the Sophia Loren photo, with she looking happily at your father, and all the others photographers on hold. M 🙂


  4. I have found a press clipping in my grandfather’s belongings, from his “retirement” as Base Operations Manager for Qantas Airways (Australia) at Idlewild. It has a photograph attributed to Jim Antizzo of my grandparents and my mother (as a teenager). I havent been able to accurately date it, and presume it was in the TWA internal magazine or newsletter. Would you like a copy of the clipping?

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