Day Six – My last day

Day six arrived too quickly!  It was my last day on this adventure, and what an adventure it had been.  Four great photography friends, lots of laughs and oh so many images!

Our final day in Big Bend would start on the most popular and one of the more difficult trails…The Lost Mine Trail.  It is a 5 mile round trip hike with an accension of 1,100 feet over 2.4 miles. As I have stated before, heights are not my favorite thing but I was determined to complete this one!  I found if I only looked at the trail immediately in front of me and not the fact that the drop was straight down with nothing to stop you except the cactus and an occational tree…

Lost Mine trail
Lost Mine trail

Oh and did I mention that there is a warning about mountain lions and black bears! 🙂


My comrades quickly passed me and continued up the mountain…even Matt who had hurt his leg the day before had a faster pace than me…  I would stop often, lean against a rock or sit on one to take in the views, they were magnificent!  I just can’t capture them for you.


I made it to the top!!! And oh was it worth it!  One can see the whole world from up there, OK so a slight exaggeration but WOW what a view!


The trip down was slightly easier, but I still took my time and kept my eyes on the path 🙂   A well deserved lunch was in order after our hike, back up to Chisos restaurant. At this point I was taking those hairpin curves at , gosh 5 miles an hour! 🙂   And good lunch, a little rest and we were on our way to our last hike.  We had been told there was a hike that did not appear on any of the Big Bend trail maps but one of the rangers explained how to find it.  It was the CatTail Falls trail and had a waterfall.  Pretty cool huh a waterfall in the dessert!


This was the picture we had seen, so we were all quite excited to see this.  Another long hike, rather flat and quite hot as the temps were again in the 90’s  Passed a family of javalina (they look like boar) and a rattlesnake basking in the sun. Over some rocks, thru a very narrow passage and we entered an oasis….minus the waterfall!  You could definitely see where the water had been coming down at some point, but not today!  It was still lovely anyway, there was a pond and totally shaded by trees. This little blue dragonfly landed right next to me and posed.



These rocks were just really cool……paticularly with the shadows falling on them


While we were disappointed that the waterfall did not exist…it was still worth the hike and quite lovely!

And so, six terrific days came to an end.  What fun we had! Day seven was spent on the road back to Dallas…time to rejoin reality.


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6 thoughts on “Day Six – My last day

  1. IG was BEHIND you up that hike, so you weren’t the slowest! lol By the time you drove down Chisos for the last time you had some knuckles that were not bleached white as you gripped the wheel. We were all so proud!


  2. SITTING ON A PARK BENCH……………DA DA – it was a good trip you guys – I finally got through all my photos yesterday – I am going back for CHILI!


  3. Nice reading about you Judy

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Be in touch. Browse through the category sections, I feel you may find something of your interest.


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