Williamsburg, Brooklyn

With the nicer weather arriving and the ability to get out more I’ve decided to expand my exploration off the island and into Brooklyn. I know the Dumbo area of Brooklyn, but beyond that really I am totally ignorant of the borough. Yesterday I went to the Williamsburg area, specifically Domino Park and the immediate vicinity. This 5 acre park was once the site of the domino sugar refinery. The park is situated on the East River with views of Manhattan, and in the shadow of the Williamsburg bridge. I will be going back to explore farther out and into Greenpoint area. I really love the community feel and diversity of the residents. AND I have never seen so many dogs or people on bicycles 🙂

Like I said, it seems EVERYONE has a dog. So often the dog and the mom/dad just seem to fit each other 🙂 Do you see the dogs green tail?
A lot of construction going on in the area.
As mentioned, the park is in the shadow of the Williamsburg bridge. This bridge is open to pedestrians/bicyclists, of course cars and the M train also crosses the bridge. Just an FYI, when you cross over to Manhattan you will find yourself in Chinatown…I know this because when I missed a turn I ended up crossing the bridge and then had to navigate one way streets to get back on the bridge to get back to the Brooklyn side. 🙂
There are multiple ferries from Brooklyn to Manhattan. This particular ferry leaves from Domino Park, not sure where it ends but seemed to be heading in a northerly direction.
The park is a WONDERFUL people watching place. Williamsburg has a large population of Hasidic jewish community
The Hasidic woman walking with their children was abundant. This gentleman above was doing some exercising while walking along the East River

I do have some more photos to share. I didn’t want to overwhelm you with photos so there will be a part II and possibly a part III 🙂

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