So who out there remembers the movie “Arthur” ? 1981 (with Dudley Moore and Lisa Minnelli)…oh my gosh one of my favorite movies! If I get a little down I watch that movie and it never fails to make me laugh. So where am I going with this you ask?… A new plug-in software called BorisFX that I was fortunate enough to win in a random drawing. I was playing with it today to see what unique features it has. Actually, very cool, some features that other plug-ins have but some presets that are unique and very fun. You can expect to see more images going forward having been post-processed in BorisFX.

I have a favorite local barn…that will be in an upcoming blog, but was playing with the photo in BorisFX today and ended up with this image…hence the title of this blog. “When you get lost between the moon and New York City…I know it’s crazy….” Yup thinking I may watch that movie tonight 🙂 I know, I know the moon should be over NYC, but my interpretation 🙂

A little insider info, in case you didn’t know. The horse barn in the scene where Linda comes up with the elaborate story to cover why she is in the stable alone with Arthur was filmed at Caumsett State park, located on the north shore of Long Island. That stable is not open to the public but the grounds are and they are beautiful.

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